I loved setting this Christy Nockels ballad in an expressive, accessible format. It's perfect for the Advent season, or for your Christmas concert.
This may be my favorite Christmas carol of all, and I chose to present it here in a different, more introspective fashion. Bonus points if you can spot the "Christmas Chord!"

Only God could align the people, setting and circumstances leading to the birth of Christ ... with only three words that could change the world - God with us!
Candles, and the light they produce, are perfect images to reflect the coming of the Light of the World. You can incorporate a child soloist on this gentle offering.

We never get tired of re-telling the greatest story ever told, and this poignant, original anthem gives you that opportunity. And the earth rejoiced, and the heavens rang ... it was the night the angels sang.

Waiting and wonder, anticipation and joy ... all these surround our celebration of Christmas. Easy to learn, this one's ideal for Christmas Eve.

Our words have power, and none speak more strongly than a blessing. Speak words of blessing over your congregation this year as you honor Jesus, God with Us, the blessing of Christmas. 
Here's a collection for the intermediate pianist, useful throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons. I've included a broad range of styles, themes and tempos which I hope will be a helpful resource for a variety of settings.